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Sunday, September 24, 2006


After a long three month hiatus ....I've returned to do some writing. My absence has been due to behind the scenes work for launching the ARCHIVE Institute.

ARCHIVE, is an acronym for Architectural Research Concerning Health, Infections and Various Epidemics. The institute is a think-tank dedicated to extending many of the topics and work discussed on this blog. The main difference is that we have been fortunate to have assembled a stellar group of academics and practitioners passionate enough to contribute their expertise towards realizing our aims.

I will use the opportunity to focus on posting articles more frequently.
Anarchi-tecture.blogspopt.com will still be the site for discussions about repositioning and redefining architecture's role in a new socio-cultural and socio-geographical setting. Topics on fear, epidemics and spatial politics will still be on the agenda. In the meantime please be encouraged to visit the site.



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