Saturday, May 06, 2006

Architecture of AIDS

The practice of architecture is undergoing a paradigm shift. It is forced to realign itself with cultural changes and presenting itself as a more politically relevant profession. The spread of HIV/AIDS also has its own underlying structure through which it operates. It too does not enjoy a stable state existence but should be defined as a dynamic institution operating in flux; across and within many disciplines. Firstly, AIDS can be defined by the millions that have contracted the disease. AIDS is also the disease, the development of the HIV virus and its epidemiologic spread. AIDS is the feared threat to national security and global instability. AIDS is the paradoxical self-healing way in which infected persons transform their lives into more holistic beings. AIDS is increasingly a profitable industry for specialized products, from medication to clothing. When a country’s population approaches 40 percent infection rate, we can imagine that AIDS is also a constituency. As an institution, the spread of AIDS is particularly profitable for many special interest groups. Regrettably, from non profit organizations to advertisers, a very many organizations play in the sphere of knowledge that as destructive as the disease’s spread continues to be, there are many selfish spoils to be gained.

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