Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Years Too Long

It’s approaching two years now since my last entry here on the blog. There’s no reasonable excuse for this other than my being consumed with academic work as well as ARCHIVE’s global initiative which ended in 2007. Over the coming months I’ll make every effort to improve the frequency of my entries while at the same time aim to deliver writings on an even more diverse set of topics relating to the stated definition of “anarchi-tecture”.

What to expect:
1) Entries which deliver more periodic accounts of my experiences whether working for ARCHIVE, the World Bank or travelling. Some will undoubtedly take on an academic tone while others will deliver a heartfelt, subjective, and at times emotional, account.
2) Hopefully more interactive discussions between readers and myself
3) Introduction of topics without extensive elaboration. This, it is hoped, may allow sub-forums to emerge among readers: Independently developed and sustained by them.
4) As mentioned a more diverse set of topics resulting in more frequent entries.

Quick updates:
- I’m in Pretoria, South Africa these days and expect to be here till mid-November.
- The work of the ARCHIVE Institute continues along with pre-planning discussions about our next ‘glocal’ initiative.
- I expect to be writing from Zimbabwe & Botswana in the coming weeks.

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